Kaieteur Falls – for Yndiana

My adorable friend Marieke..! When am I going to see you again?

marieke visser

No fear of flying is holding me back

I will spread my wings, will search the sky

A bird of prey – a butterfly

Fear of falling is what is dragging me down

Down to the earth, down to the ground

Blind to my visions – deaf to my sound

Dreams will bring me what I desire

A gift for life: the songs of my soul

They open my mind, make me feel whole

(Marieke Visser, Georgetown, May 21, 2000, for Yndiana)

Written shortly after seeing the Kaieteur Falls and stopping in my tracks, freezing,because of an unexpected feeling of vertigo. I was in Guyana for the 4th Annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development “Keeping the Right Balance: Unlocking the Potential”, May 19-22, 2000, and visited the Kaieteur Falls in the delightful company of Yndiana, Gabor and Tobias.


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