A Yoga Story by Tara Nobles- Guest Post

Tara, what a great story. We’ve shared few classes and wonderful teachers at Cape Fear Community College. From the beginning I felt an special connection with you. I’m happy that in the last day of Yoga class II last week (where I was invited,) you were there. I’ve taken Yoga II last semester. Reading this article I can see how nurturing Yoga II was for you too. I will miss you two, Tara and Amberlynn, our beautiful teacher. Namaste.

one girl breathing

For as long as I can remember, my mother has always tried to get me to participate in a yoga class, but I pushed the idea aside at every mention of it.  I have been a dancer, and now a professional dancer, for as long as I have been walking, so the idea of adding an extra workout to my weekly schedule didn’t sit too right with me.  It wasn’t until I became sick and had to quit dancing for a year that I considered the thought.

During my year off, I lost a father, my boyfriend at the time joined the Navy, and one of my organs had begun to fail.   All of those events led me into a deep depression surrounded by a sea of anxiety.  I couldn’t leave my house or go into any store without panicking and I hated that I had become such a fragile…

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