Kira Kariakin to Promote Raul Sojo’s Novel in Miami


Kira Kariakin of O.T. Editores will be in Miami for the presentation of Raul Sojo’s first novel “Seguros de Justicia C.A.,” this upcoming 8th of June. Besides working at the prestigious editorial house in Caracas, she’s a well-known Venezuelan poet, writer and blogger.

Karakin worked as a communications and creative consultant for energy efficiency on several projects since 1999 until 2013, and has an extensive experience as a publisher. As an independent consultant, she has been working in web and content development, publishing, and digital social media for several organizations and companies, like Danish Management Group, Oscar Todtmann Editores, Eliaschev&Saatchi, La Coordinadora S. A. Corretaje de Seguros, among others. She also has developed publications for several departments of the European Commission contracted through DMG.

She has coedited 2 books: Cien mujeres contra la violencia de género (Fundavag Ediciones, 2015), 102 poetas – Jamming (OT editores, 2014), and authored the poetry book, En medio del blanco (OT Editores, 2014). Currently, she is working for OT Editores, managing PR and media since 2014. From 2015 she also coordinates the poetry collection.

Kira lived in Uganda and Bangladesh for 5 years each (1999-2008) and has spent considerable time in Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana and Indonesia. Currently, she lives in Caracas, Venezuela, organizing literacy events, writing poetry, chronicles, and participating in cultural activities. She also collaborates with social organizations devoted to promote freedom of speech and access of information.

The presentations of Raul Sojo Montes’s novel in Miami and Caracas, are keeping her busy these days. These literary events will take place on Altamira Libros in Coral Gables, Miami, and Librería El Buscón in Caracas, Venezuela.

Raúl Sojo Montes was born and raised in Caracas. He’s a devout film enthusiast, photographer and audiovisual creator, with his works having been displayed in Caracas and Miami. ‘Seguros de Justicia C.A.’ is Sojo’s first literary encounter, based on Caracas’s notorious prison system and his real life experiences dealing with a corrupt and inept system. These have not been easy times for the editorial houses, including Oscar Todtmann’s. Just finding resources like paper and printing present a daily struggle, which normally would not be an issue.  In the Venezuela of today, O.T. Editores has found the perfect balance between well-know authors and novel ones. The current social and political situation demands that every writer who has something relevant to say have a voice through narrative or poetry.

Welcome Kira! it will be a pleasure working along with you in this fascinating project!


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