My Yoga History – Guest Post

“And I’m in the present, seeing how life is taking place, through my breathing. Then, I give thanks. I am very thankful of all my teachers, the ones that are making me understand that is only me for me. We come to this world alone, and we will leave alone, no matter how many people we have surrounding our deathbed.”

one girl breathing

“It is only through proper and unselfish meditation that the student can finally enter the temple of the undistracted mind, and in silence and aloneness come to the realization of the One Ultimate Reality and the pace beyond understanding”

Yoga for Americans


It’s harder to meditate when we need it the most, specially if we feel unhappy. But why do we feel unhappy? Ones feels unhappy when trapped in a situation, when it is impossible to leave some things to get others. “It takes courage…”

My experience with breathing and meditation is getting better, and our class Yoga II is giving me the courage to the changes I’m making in my life. To be strong is key for nurturing my mind, soul and body, and to keep me going through the difficulties and tasks of life. But still now at my 58 years old, and knowing the importance of meditation, it…

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