Warrior Pose Makes Me Feel Strong

I’m spending few days at Ama Tierra Retreat Resort in Costa Rica. My mother died few days ago. She was such a warrior.
Mami y Yogananda.jpgWarrior Two.jpg

Today is International Women Day. This morning we were doing several asanas,and I dedicated my practice to her.

Warriors asanas, “Virabhadrasana,” are specially powerful for women of all ages. When you raise your arms perpendicular to the floor and parallel to each other in Warrior One, you’re getting ready to get your strength back. Then it comes Warrior Two: The arm behind represents the past, and the one in front, the future.

Body needs to be straight, balancing the two, and represents the present. Your gaze is firmly looking to your fingers at  front, which are very active.  The twinkling sensation starts at the tips of your fingers, and the little-finger sides should be facing the ceiling .

When I get into this pose, I fell stronger. I live with a little of arthritis and my hip hurts while I clean my home, but I have travel thousands of miles. I have a thick accent when speaking in English and I’m still learning how to write properly, but I still give my opinion when I know I should be listened. I have raised my kids, maybe not in the perfect way… But they’re so smart, and I’m so proud of them. They have become my inspiration and my driven force too, and I want to be strong for the times to come.

The warrior pose remains me how much I have achieved in life, and how long and difficult is the way ahead.

It will take a lot of courage to leave my cozy home and face the cold weather when I’ll go to study Sustainable Development at Appalachian State University this Fall. It also takes a lot of courage to go back where you blew it, and start collecting the broken pieces from the floor, but the Warrior Poses make me fell like I’m ready to do so.

If my mother did it, I can do it too. I love you Mom.

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